Welcome to Lisa’s Balcony.

My name is Elisa. I’m an illustrator and the founder of Lisa’s Balcony.

Here on Lisa’s Balcony I provide designers and creative companies with lovely graphics to turn their projects and products into something beautiful and appealing.

I love painting animals, elements from nature, flowers, food, and lovely things. Then, I turn them into digital graphics.

These graphics can be a great resource to inspire others through your creative projects and transmit beauty, friendliness and good vibes!



A few years ago, I had a personal and creative block and I decided to stop everything I was doing to move somewhere abroad for a while. I just wanted to connect again with myself and gain some fluency with my English (I’m a native Spanish). It may sound weird, but I really felt like the universe was sending me signs that I had to improve my english so I could offer my illustration work to a bigger market.

So I left Spain, and I moved to the UK for one year to work as an aupair girl and live with a lovely british family in the middle of London. During that time I had to look after two beautiful babies.

This was a very intense year with lots of ups and downs in the emotional sense, but it was definitely a time to grow and connect with myself again.

The thing is that the little girl that I used to look after was called Ellie, and I had always been Elisa (or Eli for my friends and family back in Spain). So, in a very natural way, I turned into Lisa, as it was easier for her who was just learning to talk 🙂

In my free time, I was just interested in researching the market so I used to explore the city and visit the most beautiful shops that were selling stationery products, fabrics, children books, etc… I would also go to design fairs, illustration events, exhibitions…, everything!

At the same time, I started to learn about the digital market in the illustration field, and I was so fascinated by the whole thing.

Once I started to know the new direction of my creative work, I couldn’t help fantasize with the idea of working from a sunny balcony in Spain (I really missed the sun!), surrounded by plants and painting flowers and lovely animals. I also was feeling very comfortable being called Lisa. So at that point, I knew that “Lisa” was a part of my story and my creative work already. After a year living in London, the tiny seed of Lisa’s Balcony was created in my mind.

As soon as I went back to Spain, I started to develop the idea even more, build my platform, create my first products, set up a new work space, etc.

And here I am today after a lot of hard work! 🙂