Lisa’s Balcony started in 2016 to supply a growing community of designers with graphics and illustrations for their personal and professional projects.

My goal is simple. Make graphics that represent what designers or businesses need, such as identity, feelings, beauty, sensitivity, happiness, positive energy, nature, good vibes, etc.

Creating graphic tools and resources that make your creative projects look beautiful.

Transmiting your philosophy of life through high quality graphics for printing and digital purposes.


My name is Elisa Ferreira and I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

In 2015 I moved to London with a lovely English family for a year to live an unforgettable experience, personally and culturally. During this period of time I was lucky to meet and look after a 2 years old girl who used to call me Lisa. I had a wonderful time there that changed me in many aspects.

But after having studied Fine Arts at university and doing some commission jobs as an illustrator, I wished to make it something more real and stable.

A couple of months after my return to Spain, I decided that I could not ignore that feeling any longer. I knew I had something good and unique to offer. So I sat on my balcony, breathing the fresh air under the sun, and I started to build Lisa’s Balcony sorrounded by flowers.

This beautiful adventure has transformed me into an entrepreneur woman who knows how important it is to transmit others the spirit and quality of our services.

In conclusion, here you will find graphic resources which will help you to bring your business to life.


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