Posting on a daily basis these days to show your work is one of the main tasks of an illustrator. This may have been different in the past, but today, the competition is very high because of our current social media and Internet culture.

There are SO many people out there, from all over the world sharing their amazing skills every single second at this very moment.

So if you’d like to get some attention in this huge digital world, you’ll have to be active and present. But don’t get me wrong… You’ll have to create high quality content and offer good value if you don’t want to get lost and invisible in this crowded field.

It takes time, practice and a lot of hard work, but being constant will increase your chances to be seen by the right people, and you might start getting your first commission jobs or sales.

Meanwhile, you will learn so much from this practice and build your own community. You’ll find out  what people like or may need from you, what is the niche you are attracting and whether it’s the one you really want to target at, what other illustrators are working on and why, how to take care of your own following, how people are responding to your latest works, etc…

There are also so many things that many people would love to know about your work every week… What are you working on right now? Which tools do you use? How is your creative process? Who are your clients? Are you working on a personal project? Where are your ideas and inspiration coming from? What are your interests? Etc…

Many of those people will also get enjoyment, inspiration and motivation from just seeing your work and whatever you may want to share with them. Isn’t it nice? 🙂

You might even build interesting and healthy relationships with other illustrators and creatives! This job is usually very lonely in the real life, so meeting people with similar interests will boost your motivation.

Another interesting thing that happens when you’re mastering your skills, documenting them and sharing them with the world, all at the same time, it’s that you start becoming an authority on that special and unique skill you have. And some people may want to learn that from you. That’s another kind of value that you could always offer if you want.. 🙂

Would you like one more reason? OK.

Once you start sharing your work every week and getting the attention of the same people week after week, you’ll probably start feeling some sort of commitment. Yep.. If you are a responsible and caring person, you might want to keep them updated and happy, and that means that you’re going to keep working hard on your project every day instead of procrastinating.

I just can say positive things about showing your work, because when I started to do it and take it seriously, that’s when my career really started, and I’ve never stopped having good experiences and learning from it.

So I hope I just made you feel brave and ready to start showing your creative work from now on!

Share this if you’d like to encourage more people to show their artworks and great skills!

Talk to you soon, stay tuned! 🙂

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