Create beautiful creative projects by using these lovely and homelike graphics set 🌵

If you love plants, cacti, succulents, animals, etc, I think you’re gonna like Cacti and Animals Design Kit very much 🙂

Each illustration was handpainted and they can be used for digital and printing purposes.

So this set is perfect for greeting cards, invitations, book markers, scrapbook projects, stationery goods, clothes, mugs, stickers, and what ever you can think of.

Design a nice cover for your blog, or social media.

Or combine illustrations and add your texts to illustrate your magazine or blog posts articles 🙂

There’re endless creative possibilities!

Click HERE to check out the whole gallery and drescription to find out what’s included!

Here are just some example of things you could create with it 🙂

This set includes a lovely alpaca, a hedgehog, a rabbit, a chameleon, cacti, plants, banners, and patterns!

You can get it now and start creating today for only $20.

Hope you like it! 🙂

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