I’m so delighted to finally show you the brand new website in which I’ve been working on during the last few weeks.

Here you will find sets of graphics, also known as clipart, ready to use for your personal and professional projects.

These graphics are suitable for digital purposes such as website design, branding, banners, presentations, etc., but also for printing purposes, like wedding invitations, greeting cards, stationary, packaging, clothes, etc.

Perhaps you need a graphic change in your website or personal blog, create a new header or logo for your own business.

Maybe you are a graphic designer who needs new images for your professional projects.

But if you just like designing for fun and make your own greeting cards, wedding invitations and stuff like that, this may be also your place.

In any case, one of my goals is to share with you all I know about graphic design, illustration, making graphics and being a creative entrepreneur.

If you decide to join me, get ready to make some awesome creative projects. Making your own compositions to design many cool things: cushion covers, T-shirts, stationary, mugs or whatever you want!

NOTE! If you like these graphics but you don’t really know how to use them or you have no time to do what you need, you can contact me so I can help you with the final design, like your wedding invitations.

But if you have also interest in learning to do it yourself, I suggest you subscribing to my newsletter and stay tuned and receive exclusive freebies and content.


Honestly, I’m really happy and excited about my new website and I’d love to celebrate this opening by sharing with you a beautiful FLORAL NUMBERS SET for free!

These are 10 individual high quality graphics, from “0” to “9”, so you can use them and combine them the way you want (PNG files, 300 dpi, transparent background).

Just go HERE and complete the form to receive an email with the free download link (if you haven’t done it yet).

I wish you many beautiful prints, greeting cards and cool designs with this set.

Did I also mention something about a discount code? Oh yes!

You would also receive in that email a limited 30% discount code that you can use in the online shop only until March 31th!

Do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you want to ask me anything, share your thoughts or just to say hi!

I’d love to meet you!

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